Rocco Bunetto

Is an Italian builder and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience, both in Italy and the Dominican Republic. The last 20 years he has been living and working in Las Terrenas. He is well known and respected in the Dominican Republic and has excellent relations with national and international authorities.

Other projects with his signature are:
Hotel Alisei, 48 apartments.
La Dolce Vita, 16 apartments.
Hotel Aligio, 84 rooms all inclusive.
Hotel Colibri 45 apartments.
Las Palmas al Mar 12 semi detached villas.
Las Palmas 23 villas.

Imke Reimes

Is the energetic and dynamic spouse of Rocco. She has been involved in many of the projects mentioned above and has great business and commercial skills. Her attention to detail and almost obsessive desire for to continuously improve the standard of service is clearly visible when you visit her Hotel Alisei and Spa.